Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Funny Story or the Story of my Life.

This weekend one of my friend's was having a Preakness party. It had all of my favorite things: horse race, mint juleps, food, fun people, sunshine. There were lots of people there, my least fav person who was prattling on and on about random stuff that I didn't care about. Another friend and her husband who I was excited to get to know were there. There was a boy there too, my friend's brother-in-law. He was a cutie and the main cook of the evening. I might have been a bit smitten. I was meeting someone. at. a. party! He was related to someone I think of as one of the nicest people ever. He was great. Oh, but he lives across the country and is just visiting. Well, bummer, at least he's cute and has good manners.

The next day I shoot off an email to my hostess thanking her for the lovely party. She wrote back and said that her mother-in-law thought I was just so adorable. Well, that's not who I was going for thinking that I was adorable, but you know, I'll take it. Party= Success.

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