Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy New Year: Resolution 1

It seems that I might come back to blogging every time that I join back on I am predictable.

Here is an e-mail that I sen to my friends on January 3.

Hi Ladies!
I've told most of you that my first resolution this year is to have a more open, positive and realistic attitude towards dating. I rejoined, revamped my profile and have been talking to some guys over the last few weeks. I went on my first match date last night.

Here are some thoughts:
1- Sunday night is a TERRIBLE time for a date
2- Sunday night after a week and a half off, the night before I have to join the working world again is a REALLY, REALLY, TERRIBLE time for a date
3- 5'10 is always a lie.
I emailed with the guy a few times. I liked his emails. He was really nice, we talked on the phone twice. I enjoyed our conversations. We decided to meet at 8 30 on Sunday at the Dupont South metro entrance. He had warned me that he tends to run late and then he called me to say that he was on his way, but would probably be a few minutes late. However, I'm me, and had to show up on time. So, I was cold and waiting, and it was Sunday night and I had just had to get ready for a 8 30... on a Sunday. So, he comes up the escalator and I knew right away it was him, which is good because it means: 1) that his photos weren't from high school and 2) you really can recognize people from photos. The date itself was fine. We ended up at a sushi place, ordered a few rolls and hung out. They obviously wanted to close so it wasn't the best chatting atmosphere, but he was nice, the getting to know you was fine. He was a little bit sick, so that wasn't awesome. We split the check and I was walking home at 10. Currently, I'm not attracted to him, but it's worth a second date. I mean, why not? That's the whole thing with the better attitude. There was nothing bad about the date other than I wasn't really feeling it.
So, if he calls again, I'll definitely meet up for a drink, maybe a happy hour type situation would be the most fun.
Lesson learned: no more Sunday dates after 3 in the afternoon, and probably not then either. That's prime napping time.
I'm talking to two other guys who are both funny and nice, so I hope to go out with them soon and see if anyone is actually 5'10.

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